Eurofighter Typhoon Programme's Economic Impact Spotlighted

Eurofighter Typhoon Programme’s Economic Impact Spotlighted

An independent report released by Strategy&, part of the PwC network, sheds light on the significant economic contributions of the Eurofighter Typhoon Programme’s Economic Impact Spotlighted. The comprehensive analysis encompasses development, production, and support activities across the programme’s partner nations: the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Current and Future Economic Outlook

The report offers insights into the current economic benefits of the programme while projecting future contributions, particularly over the next decade. In the base scenario, which considers orders for new Eurofighter Typhoons from Spain (Halcon I and II) and Germany (Quadriga), the programme is expected to contribute €58 billion to the GDP of the four core nations, generate tax revenues of €14 billion for governments, and sustain 62,700 jobs annually.

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Significant Growth Potential

Significantly higher figures emerge in the report’s growth scenario, which accounts for potential sales of approximately 200 Eurofighter Typhoons in domestic and export markets. This scenario forecasts a programme contribution of €90 billion to GDP, tax revenues of €22 billion, and the support of over 98,000 jobs annually over the next decade. Notably, around 30% of core nation investment would return as tax revenues due to future export opportunities.

Strategic Importance

Giancarlo Mezzanatto, CEO at Eurofighter Typhoon, emphasized the programme’s multifaceted benefits, including its role in bolstering European economies and supporting aerospace employment. Mezzanatto stressed the importance of new Eurofighter Typhoon orders in sustaining defense industry production assets, ensuring technological independence, and fostering industrial know-how resilience across Europe.

Enduring Economic Value

Furthermore, additional data presented in the report underscores the enduring economic impact of a single Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft throughout its operational lifespan. Each aircraft contributes €407 million to GDP and €100 million in taxes across the four core nations, highlighting the sustained economic value generated by the programme.

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