Chinese Scientists Plan Surface to Air Missile with 2,000km Range

Chinese Scientists Plan Surface to Air Missile with 2000km Range

Chinese Scientists plan Surface to Air Missile with 2000km with an exceptional kill range. Published in the peer-reviewed Chinese language Journal of Graphics, the research paper details a technological leap that far surpasses existing air defense systems.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

In the realm of air defense, ultra long range capabilities have long been considered unattainable. Conventional SAMs typically operate within ranges of tens to hundreds of kilometers. However, the team led by Associate Researcher Su Hua from Northwestern Polytechnical University has defied these norms.

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Strategic Significance

The proposed SAM represents a game-changer in regional defense strategies. With its unprecedented range, it can effectively neutralize early warning aircraft and bombers, thereby deterring potential interventions in regional conflicts. This development holds immense value for maintaining both regional and global peace and stability.

Innovative Design Features

The SAM design incorporates several innovative features. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) mandated a cost-effective weapon suitable for daily operations, including vehicle-mounted mobile launches. Remarkably, the SAM meets these criteria with a compact size of 8 meters (26 feet) and a weight of 2.5 tonnes, far below the maximum limits set by the PLA.

Cutting-Edge Propulsion Technology

To achieve its remarkable range, the SAM utilizes a two-stage propulsion system. A solid rocket motor initially provides powerful vertical thrust, followed by a ramjet engine for sustained propulsion in the upper atmosphere. This propulsion setup mirrors the successful design of the Feitian-1 hypersonic vehicle, showcasing China’s prowess in advanced aerospace engineering.

Advanced Guidance and Targeting

The SAM integrates sophisticated guidance systems, leveraging real-time data from reconnaissance satellites for precise targeting. As it nears the target, the missile switches to its own sensors, culminating in a warhead detonation within the effective kill range.

Overcoming Stealth Technology

China’s robust satellite monitoring network, exemplified by the Jilin-1 Earth observation satellite constellation, renders traditional stealth technology obsolete. This development poses a significant challenge to stealth-enabled aircraft like the United States’ B-2 and B-21 bombers, showcasing China’s technological edge in modern warfare.

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