China Protests EU Raids on Security Equipment Company

China Protests EU Raids on Security Equipment Company

China has strongly objected to recent raids conducted by European officials on a Chinese security equipment manufacturer, expressing “grave concern” over the actions. This development comes as China protests EU raids on security equipment company.

EU competition regulators carried out unannounced raids on the offices of Nuctech, a Chinese company, located in the Netherlands and Poland. These raids are part of an investigation into alleged unfair state subsidies, escalating tensions between China and the EU.

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In a statement, China’s mission to the EU condemned the unannounced inspections, arguing that they disrupt fair competition and undermine the positive trade atmosphere between China and the EU. China believes these actions send a negative signal to foreign companies operating in the EU, damaging confidence and security.

China urges the EU to uphold its commitment to open markets and a level playing field, calling on it to cease using excuses to suppress Chinese companies. Emphasizing the importance of cooperation, China seeks engagement with the EU in an open, fair, and equitable manner.

The China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) also expressed serious concern over the raids, highlighting growing unease within the business community regarding EU actions against Chinese companies.

As tensions persist between China and the EU, the outcome of the investigations and subsequent actions will likely shape the future of their economic relations.

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