CCG-PLA Joint Operation Near Taiwan Aims to Deter

CCG-PLA Joint Operation Near Taiwan Aims to Deter

CCG-PLA Joint Operation Near Taiwan Aims to Deter to Eastern Theater Command conducted an unprecedented joint operation in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday. The China Coast Guard (CCG) fleet from Fujian Province carried out law enforcement drills near Wuqiu and Dongyin islands, while the PLA launched military exercises surrounding Taiwan from multiple directions.

For the first time, CCG vessels entered the so-called restricted waters around Wuqiu and Dongyin islands during this operation, coming within 3 nautical miles of the islands.

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Strategic Islands Targeted

“Wuqiu and Dongyin are outlying islands of strategic importance that Taiwan views as the frontline for its defense,” the source said. “The CCG vessels entering their restricted waters shatters the Taiwan authorities’ claims over these areas.”

Flexible yet Determined Posturing

The CCG maneuvers displayed tactical flexibility, with vessels encircling the islands from different angles using an “arrowhead” formation. This balanced determination and maneuverability, leaving room for further escalation if Taiwan’s stance hardens.

Coordinated Military Support

The source highlighted the joint civil-military coordination, with PLA ships and aircraft providing overwatch as CCG vessels patrolled inside restricted zones. “This sophisticated planning and efficient coordination reflects an upgrade in military-police cooperation,” they said.

Escalation Warning to Taiwan

The drills sent a clear warning that if Taiwan’s “independence” forces remain obdurate, similar crackdowns could occur near other outlying islands. “If the situation deteriorates, the mainland might board and inspect Taiwanese vessels around Wuqiu and Dongyin, shattering their perception of restricted waters,” the source warned.

The unprecedented scale of the combined coast guard-military operation surrounding Taiwan demonstrated China’s increasing assertiveness to integrate military muscle with law enforcement tactics in the region.

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