China: Separating Taiwan Means Self-Destruction

Anyone try to separate Taiwan from China is inviting their downfall

At the Shangri-La Dialogue, Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Dong Jun issued anyone try to separate Taiwan from China is inviting their downfall . He reiterated Beijing’s firm stance that the Taiwan question is at the very “core” of China’s national interests. China: Separating Taiwan Means Self-Destruction

Dong condemned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan for pursuing “Taiwan independence” through incremental steps to “desinicize” the island and sever historical links with the mainland. He denounced such “fanatical separatist statements” as a “betrayal” that will be remembered in history.

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Opposing Foreign Interference

The defense minister also lashed out at “external interfering forces” allegedly hollowing out the one-China principle through measures like arms sales to Taiwan and official contacts with the island. He accused them of emboldening “Taiwan independence” separatists to contain China’s rise.

Malicious Intentions

Dong warned that these “malicious intentions” of both Taiwan’s government and foreign actors are dragging the island into an increasingly dangerous situation that threatens peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

No Foreign Interference

” Reiterating that China’s handling of the Taiwan issue is an internal matter, Dong stated it brooks no foreign interference. He vowed the People’s Liberation Army will take “timely, resolute and powerful actions” against any separatist plots.

In his strongest remarks, the defense minister bluntly declared that “anyone who dares to separate Taiwan from China is engaging in self-destruction and bound to be smashed to pieces” – leaving no ambiguity about Beijing’s resolve to safeguard territorial integrity.

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