ASELSAN Debuts DERİNGÖZ Underwater Vehicle

ASELSAN Debuts DERİNGOZ Underwater Vehicle

ASELSAN, a leading defense technology company in Türkiye, has unveiled the country’s first autonomous “Debut DERİNGÖZ Underwater Vehicle,” marking a significant milestone in underwater exploration and defense capabilities. The successful completion of its first diving system tests demonstrates DERİNGÖZ’s readiness for various critical missions.

Unveiling at TEKNOFEST Festival

At the TEKNOFEST festival held in Izmir on September 23, 2023, ASELSAN introduced twenty innovative defense systems, including the “DERİNGÖZ Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.” This vehicle, equipped with autonomous mobility, is expected to significantly enhance Türkiye’s capabilities in maritime operations and security in the Blue Homeland.

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Versatile Capabilities for Defense

DERİNGÖZ is designed to excel in underwater research, reconnaissance, surveillance, mine detection, pipeline inspection, and base protection. Its high maneuverability, precise navigation, and advanced imaging technologies make it suitable for a range of critical tasks, both in military and civilian contexts.

Technical Features and Performance

With a maximum depth capability of 600 meters, DERİNGÖZ boasts a modular system architecture, allowing for customizable mission payloads and wireless communication infrastructure. Its maximum speed of 5.5 knots and scanning speed of 3 knots ensure efficient and effective underwater operations, contributing to Türkiye’s maritime security strategy in the Blue Homeland.

Role as a Force Multiplier

Developed by ASELSAN engineers, DERİNGÖZ is not just a tool to fulfill existing needs but also a platform that can create new capabilities and requirements for underwater missions. Its role as a force multiplier is expected to have a significant impact on enhancing Türkiye’s presence and operations in maritime environments.

Future Prospects and Expectations

As DERİNGÖZ enters active duty, it is poised to play a critical role in bolstering Türkiye’s underwater operations, strengthening maritime security, and advancing technological capabilities in underwater exploration and defense. Its versatile features and high-performance standards make DERİNGÖZ a valuable asset for both military and civilian applications in maritime environments.


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